Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meet and Greet - Emberseed

We're delighted to introduce our newest member, Shannon of Emberseed. Shannon is a very busy Mom of three who maintains a diverse online presence through her three Etsy shops, several online venues and three blogs.

This busy and talented artist came to us through her newest shop, Emberseed, which features a delicious assortment of natural fragrances for body and home. When asking Shannon about her fragrance shop she replied: "Emberseed is a budding shop that is dedicated to natural and herbal enlightenment. I've always tried to find natural alternatives to bath and beauty products for my own use and so I've decided to share some of the products that I create for myself with others."

"I like the fact that no synthetic materials or colorants are used in my products. I also am dedicated to using fresh botanical materials and the best ingredients in order to make my products top quality."

Shannon's favorite fragrance is her Sprig Perfume Oil because, "... it's a great 'pick me up scent'. It's somewhat citrusy and fruity but it also has the soothing undertones of vanilla. I use all natural essential oils and Sweet Almond and Sesame Oils for this perfume."

Aside from her talent with mixing fragrances Shannon also possesses a genuine love for creating jewelry so easily visible in her beautiful handmade creations. Shannon's profile in her Etsy jewelry shop, Shannon Cintron Jewelry, reads: "I've been creating jewelry for over ten years. It started as a hobby for me and soon became my addiction. To me, jewelry and adornments should convey a mood. I'm very uninhibited as an artist and I love to use my experiences and surroundings as inspiration for my work.

One of the first aspects that drew our team leader, Sharon, to this newest member was through one of Shannon's blogs, ♥Treasury Troll♥. Here Shannon features a selection of Etsy Treasuries that catch her eye throughout each week. Treasuries worthy of visits, views, and clicks that might otherwise be lost in the back pages of Etsy's Treasury list. Shannon's efforts to feature other artist's work clearly expresses her truly giving spirit and one that outwardly displays the character and essence of what our team is all about. Shannon also keeps two other blogs at http://emberseed.blogspot.com and http://shannoncintronjewelry.blogspot.com

It's our honor to welcome this wonderful, hardworking and very giving artist to our team, Welcome Shannon!

written by Dawn of Harmony Quest Designs and Sharon of Mana Moon Studios

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Angie!

♫Happy Birthday♫ to our lovely team member Angie of Angie Kelly Designs!!

Angie sells gorgeous jewelry creations through her Etsy shop and keeps us all smiling, laughing and contemplating excerpts from The Secret through her blog.

Since Angie took the day off from work to celebrate her birthday I thought it would be a nice treat to snatch up a gorgeous pair of earrings from her shop as a little present for myself. What better way to celebrate a dear friend/teammate's birthday than by providing a little work for them and a treat for yourself, LOL!

Seriously Angie is an absolute gem and we adore her. Her work is exquisite and a definite must have for any jewelry collection. So although these lovelies are taken there's plenty more to choose from in her Etsy shop, Angie Kelly Designs.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some Helpful Sites for Etsy Sellers

There are several fancy little tools that can be used to help sellers on etsy (and some that aren't really any help at all, but are just fun to mess around with lol!) You may have come across these already, but in case anyone hasn't, I thought I'd post them here.

Craftopolis is quite new - you just enter your shop name and it will tell you if you are featured in any Treasuries, or in the gift guides - saves having to trail through all of them!

There is also Craftcult - again you just enter your shop name; as well as listing who "hearts" your shop and individual items, it now has a "featured" icon - this tells you if you've been featured either on the front page, or in a gift guide.

For anyone that uses Firefox, you can also download some great shortcuts from etsy hacks - there are way too many to list here, but for example you can add all your tags at once, upload 5 images at once, or quickly create a listing based on an existing one.

Finally, letsets is a service that lets you add your shop items to google base, so that they can be found in google searches. Now I'm really not technically minded at all, and computer stuff needs to be explained to me in words of one syllable and as if you're talking to a five- year- old, but this site has such step-by- step instructions even I managed to do it!

(Disclaimer - I believe that this last one doesn't always work for everyone. If you do have any trouble, I won't be able to help in the slightest - see above from "not technically minded at all"!)

Hope this was helpful, and please feel free to add any others!

Originally posted by: Artangel

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two Tweets

Recently two of our team members have been busying their hands doing a wonderful job of updating our team Twitter. If that wasn't enough they've also been busying their hands with some lovely new creations!

Angie of Artangel painted a gorgeous selection of ACEOs which can be found by visiting her Etsy shop. Of course the moment I saw them I wanted them ALL!! They're just beautiful! It's a wonderful way to collect a small piece of Angie's incredible work and she explains all about ACEOs on her blog. I happen to be the very proud owner of a custom ACEO card created by Angie which includes a beautiful moon taken after my business image. I just love her work and the prices can't be beat for original artwork!

Catherine of Coral Seas has also been creating some gorgeous new designs available through her Etsy shop. These luscious creations include a beautiful pair of hammered Sterling Silver and faceted Carnelian earrings titled "Golden Angel Wings" (don't you just love that name?!) and a gorgeous hand wrapped pendant featuring a funky blue cube Lampwork bead with loads of Sterling Silver and gemstones for detail and style. Catherine's creations all handmade and range in price from $13 on up so there's something for every wallet size.

So stop on over to both of these wonderful shops, start a new collection or add to your existing ones, with beautiful ACEOS and fabulous jeweled creations!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Etsy Success Newletter - A Few Tidbits

While browsing through the Etsy Success newsletter today I found a few points of interest to share with you. Here they are as copied directly from the email...

Spring Showers Showcase: On Sale Today!
Have a great gifts for that new mom or dad-to-be or the bride or groom-to-be? Maybe something for new parents or the soon-to-be wed? Make sure you jump on the Spring Showers Showcase went on sale today, and is on the verge of selling out! Go to the Showcase Gateway to purchase a spot. Read the full blog post here for more showcase details and info on future showcases.

The following would be perfect for our British teammates so please read on Catherine and Angie! ;-)

Mining the Creative Depths... Calls for Artists
Are you the best of the Brits? Saatchi Gallery and the BBC want to
know. Deadline for entry, March 29; Open to UK residents 18 and over
working in all media. Apply here.

International Online Artist Competition presented by Art Interview
Magazine, Deadline March 31; Open to all living artists worldwide over
the age of 16, working in any media. Click here for details and entry form.

After the Pedestal, Deadline, April 6. The Sculpture Center seeks small sculptures, from " all artists from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ontario, Canada". Apply here

Etsy Treasures
A collection of Etsy features you might not have bumped into yet!
Treasury West - This is our beta testing environment for the main Treasury. It may disappear at any time! However, it's been up for quite some time and Etsy admin still select front pages from 'TWest'!
Poster Sketch - Waiting for a Treasury? Put your collection together using the poster sketch tool!
Team Events Calendar - Team leaders submit promotions, events and challenges here. Come on by and check out what they are up to!
Bannerator - A simple tool that can generate a banner for your shop.
Birthdays - See who's celebrating today!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Inspiration Avenue Gems

I wonder if maybe we’re all a little shy about showing off our work so I thought I’d show off someone else’s delights. I’m gradually getting around everyone buying something from them because I just love all your work!! I wish I had lots more money to spend on your beautiful creations, but there we are, that’s just how it is.

So, today, I’d like to turn the spotlight on Rocki. Rocki sells from her shop Rockis Supplies and describes her work as ‘Handcrafted Pieces of Art for Your Artistic Creations’. This describes her work perfectly. She sells such amazing handcrafted findings for all us jewellery designers to drool over. I have bought a number of Rocki’s earring wires which I have to say are THE most well made and stylish wires I have ever had the good fortune to buy. They are very strong and beautifully filed off so that they don’t hurt your ears. I just loved working with the extra long headpins she made for me and the hoops she made to my specifications were soooo beautiful!!

Rocki is constantly coming up with fresh designs and ideas. There is always something new to look at in her shop. I love her unusual and imaginative fastenings and charms she is currently making. All her items have a very organic, earthy feel to them which is definitely on trend at the moment.

Handmade earring wires, headpins, clasps etc can without a doubt give your creations that edge and style over mass produced items. For example, I am always drawn to earrings that have handcrafted wires as they stand out a mile. If you are using handcrafted lampwork beads or natural stones, handmade findings will compliment them perfectly. So, if you make jewellery I can thoroughly recommend that you buy your supplies from Rocki.

Thanks Rocki! Your talent is boundless!!

(The photos I’ve included here are some of my personal favourites)

Originally posted by: Coral Seas
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