Thursday, April 16, 2009

A New Direction

Hello to all you lovely ladies on our Team and all you wonderful followers of our Inspiration Avenue Blog :) Sweet Catherine has asked me to toot my own horn about the different direction my Etsy Shoppe has taken so here I am with a mild case of the flu, all dolled up in my "Barking All The Way" flannel Christmas jammies, box of Puffs, hot apple juice and two of the fur babies curled up at my feet ready to do a wee bit of sharing! No, I have not combed my hair so I am sporting the Billy Idol look today :)

We all love having sales from our Etsy Shoppes. Sometimes things are good and sometimes things are not so good. During the not so good times, you have to look for creative ways to bring in new prospective customers. I sell a large amount of my jewelry and specialty items off my website but my Etsy Shoppe has been EXTREMELY slow. I have been looking for more ways to bring in additional sales so after taking a digital collage class I decided to start offering Blog banners and Etsy Shoppe banners for sale. There are a tremendous amount of people that have Etsy Shoppes and that are Bloggers so I thought this might be a good way to generate some sales in my Shoppe. Not only do I have a mild case of the flu, I am currently banished to the couch for 2 more weeks and 6 days (yes, I am counting!) after tearing some ligaments and tendons behind my knee. This has been a perfect way for me to entertain myself while I am recovering and it's something I absolutely LOVE doing. I have something for almost everyone from the bizarre to the foo-foo :) Here is a little sampling of what I have created in the last week........

This was a custom banner for my sister...these are her two Labs, Oscar and Angus

An Etsy Shoppe Banner

Since I won't be doing any back flips off the chandelier in the dining room anytime soon, I will busy myself with making these fun banners!.I hope you have enjoyed seeing these and my SHAMELESS advertising :)!!!

Many thanks to Sweet Catherine for all the extra work she's doing while our lovely Sharon is recovering from her surgery!



Monday, April 13, 2009

Admin. Away

Gee that title almost sounds like a super hero call, lol! I wanted to let you (the public) know that as the admin. for Inspiration Avenue Etsy Team I will be away from April 13th through April 30th.

In my absence if you need any information about our team please feel free to contact our lovely co-administrator Catherine of Coral Seas. She's a wonderful person who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our team.

We will not be accepting any new applications while I am away but please feel free to visit our various team profiles; our Flickr group, our Etsy shop or keep in touch with our team, here through our blog. Oh and don't forget we have a wonderful Sea theme sale going on right now in our Etsy shop!

Thanks so much for your interest in our team and for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yay!! Our First Sale!!!

Our team shop is now well underway and is gradually filling up with more items - it's very exciting to see new ones being added!

We decided on a theme of the ocean, and we have a great variety of work available, including jewelry, art, bath and body and digital collage. Something for everyone!

And ... pause for effect! ... we have had our first success! This gorgeous necklace of Catherine's - titled "La Mer" - was our first team sale!

Well done to Catherine - it's a beautiful piece and I can see why it was snapped up so quickly!

Originally posted by: Artangel
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