Monday, March 25, 2013

Inspiration Avenue Art Challenge-Seeds

Hi everyone.  I'm Kim P., the newest member of Inspiration Avenue.  
This week I am hosting a challenge called SEEDS.This is my first host position for Inspiration Ave. 
 Lou Anne is guiding me through the steps.

Spring is almost here.  I chose the theme Seeds because spring has many themes of life and rebirth. Everything changes.  Our bleak winter melts away and we become inspired with life and what we see and feel around us. We hear birds singing in the morning, buds blossom, and baby animals are born. Gardeners are happy to plant their seeds for the summer.

I was thinking of making a flower mosaic out of seeds that I have in my kitchen cupboard,  using popcorn seeds and pinto beans, then adding other mixed media.  Or perhaps I might make a painting or a drawing of vines and flowers.  Seeds can be done in any medium and any idea around the theme.  The field is open.   It can be digital or arts and crafts.  Anything that inspires you to spring into the seed theme is perfectly acceptable.

By participating in the challenge and linking up with IA, others may take a look at your creativity and network with you. The idea is to provide everyone an opportunity to share their work, visit other blogs,  and comment on the work of others.   

Anything that inspires you with life that emerges from a seed is the idea.

I hope you have many visions and much fun creating, whatever comes through you.

Here are a few pictures I found on the Internet to tickle your imagination concerning the Seed Challenge.

Beading Represents Seeds

Textile Art Representing Seeds

Lisemeijer describes her mixed media process, step by step.

Fantasy Art Painting-Seed to Tree

The challenge ends at 12:00 noon, March 31 EDT.  
I am looking forward to seeing your work.  
Good luck and happy seeding!


Monday, March 18, 2013

“Your Home Town” Art Challenge

Where in the World Do You Live?
the city or town where one grew up, 
the place of one's principal residence
(not to be confused with birthplace
although the two can be the same place).

What sort of place is your home town?
How would you show it with art?

We see so many of you every week and usually know the 
part of the world you live in, but we'd love you to 
share with us, more specifically, your town!

You may live in an apartment in the city . . .

reside in a peaceful country setting . . .

. . . . or live somewhere in between.

Wherever it is, I hope it's a place you love!
Although it's not always the case . . . sometimes people 
can't wait to leave their home town and make
a new home somewhere else.

This looks like a fun place to visit . . .

Is there a special event, landmark, or celebration in your town?
New Orleans

Maybe you're surrounded by highways and concrete.
This painting captures the beauty 
of these cold, industrial forms.

Is your home town landlocked or situated near water?
Maybe your town fills with tourists for part of the year.

I love a sense of history in the structures of a town.
Arthur E. Grimshaw, The Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1895, 
oil on canvas, Laing Art Gallery

Apartment, townhouse, castle, treehouse, teepee, cabin!
Whether it's in a large city or small town . . . 
we hope you will show us with your art just 
what makes it special to you!

Have fun depicting your town in whatever medium you choose.
Link up here by Sunday, March 24. Link back to
Inspiration Avenue in your blog post.

 Please click the images above to find out more about the art.

Have a creative and inspiring week!



Monday, March 11, 2013

Tags from the Heart Tag Swap

Hi everyone! 
Whether you joined in the tag swap in February or not,
we hope this will be a fun challenge for you.

If you participated in the swap, now is the time to show
the tags you received! Make a blog post
showcasing what came in the mail and link back here so
we can all see the tags that were criss-crossing the country...
and the ocean... (HELLO! international participants!)

If you didn't do the swap this time, we hope you'll
play with us this week by creating a tag (any theme)
or showcasing some tags you've previously made.

March 13 is the official date to post the tags
you received in the swap.

But we'll be leaving the challenge open 
until this Sunday, March 17 so you can create more tags!
(St. Patrick's Day tags, anyone?)

I can't wait to see all of the tags that were swapped
and I hope we'll also see many more!

Here is one I received from Lou Anne:
I love the colors and embellishments!
The tag reminds me of a lilting melody.

As always, leave your link here with Mr. Linky
and link back to Inspiration Avenue on your blog.
Any size or medium is welcome, the only requirement
is that it be a tag! Easy peasy and fun, right?
I hope so!!

Thanks for the great response to the Show and Tell challenge
last week! We will be repeating the show and tell theme
periodically, so check back for that too.

Have a creative and inspiring week!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Inspiration Avenue Challenge-Show and Tell

Happy Monday to all of you!  Instead of presenting you with a topical kind of challenge this week, I thought it would be fun to have a good old fashioned Show and Tell session.   Remember how fun it was in school, to choose  your own topic?

Whether you're into making tags or assemblages, paintings or sculptures, shadow boxes or photographs, this is your challenge.  What will you do?
Go ahead.  Spend the whole week looking through your art journals or portfolio and choose a favorite piece or take out a new medium and have fun playing with it.   Post something old or post something brand new.  You can do whatever you feel like doing.  Just remember, the official deadline for your Show and Tell project will be Sunday, March 10, 2013 at noon EST.

At that time, we can all have fun hopping around to each other's blogs, seeing what you brought for Show and Tell this week.    I can't wait to see what everyone does.  By the way, the "Show" part is the art and the "Tell" part is the comment.  Please don't forget to leave one when you link up!

See you Sunday!
Lou Anne
Credits for Image Components:
APD (Adry P. Designs), Blue Heart Scraps, Chriscrap, Damsel Designs, Dees Delights, Delicious Scraps, Fran B. Designs, GlitterBug Designs,  J. Baechtold, Just Jaimee,  Karen's Scraps and Graphics, Kimeric, KitKat79 Scraps, Mad Genius Designs, Pixelberry Pie, Rainbow Designs, and True North Scraps.  Book pages were from The New Streets and Roads and More Friends and Neighbors 1956 editions.


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