Monday, December 23, 2013

Expressing "Joy to the World"

We are hosting a two week Challenge 
December 23 through January 5!

The 2-week theme is “Joy to the World

All of us here at Inspiration Avenue would love to see your expression of Joy through your art!
Please share with us a favorite joyful piece of art 
that you've created in 2013.

Here are some of ours..

here are my  favorites of 2013
One of my favorite Selfie's was a good hair day and my parent's dog

One of my favorite faces from the 29 faces challenge in September
We have lot of Dahlia Gardens where we live so here is one of my favorites
Another face for the Breast Cancer week
This is layers a chalk, page from dutch book, my art cut out and clued on and then graphic put on

Lou Anne

 "Passion" represents my joy in combining beautiful things to make digital collages.
Without passion, we wouldn't have art.
 "No Rain, No Rainbows" is a reflection of the joy I often feel when creating.  The images that don't work well are the rain, 
while the successes are the rainbows.

One of my greatest joys this year was participating in
a journal swap. I created my journal with these first few pages 
and then sent it on its journey for eight other artists 
to work their magic on the blank pages!
(It's now back home with me after journeying 
around the U.S. and across the ocean to the U.K. 
I get so much joy out of looking at it page by page!)
Some of the phrases I added to the cover 
speak to me of finding joy:
  • embrace the winds of change
  • there is always another wave coming
  • stop living in a world that's based on rules
  • choose a life made up of experiences, not possessions
  • find a passion that lights up your eyes
  • take the scenic route through life!


I shared joy in 2013 by painting a triptych (3 panels each 24" x 36") for our church sanctuary display.
It was inspirational, and a real challenge.  Each canvas panel was painted in acrylics, with accompanying scriptures.  The triptych is explained fully here.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge-Christmas

Happy Monday everyone!  This week our challenge focuses on Christmas.  Whether or not you celebrate the holiday, it's hard to go anywhere these days without being surrounded by the holiday season. Whether it's the grocery store, the dentist, or the veterinarian, I see Christmas decorations everywhere I go.  I've had fun finding retro pictures that remind me of childhood.

People are shopping, sometimes frantically, looking for a gift for that special someone.

Everyone is playing Christmas music, and some started before Halloween!
Paula Kesselring Cold Winter's Night Kit
If you're lucky enough to live in a cold climate, you might have enjoyed some outdoor ice-skating.

Source:  Morguefiles Public Domain Image

Maybe you've helped to build a fabulous snowman.
I've been watching the different kinds of birds my yard attracts in the winter.
Far Far Hill
 Has anyone caught you under the mistletoe?

We're getting our Christmas tree set up to enjoy.

Kids are impatiently waiting for the time that Santa will arrive.
Far Far Hill
This week, we're asking you to share a piece of your artwork that fits the topic of Christmas.
I made a special set of free cards that you can download and print.
You can get them here.

Here's a digital page I made to help inspire you.  Credits are on my blog here.

As always, please link up by noon on Sunday, December 22 and leave a comment.  All of us at Inspiration Avenue wish you a happy holiday!


Monday, December 9, 2013

Looking down at your Feet

Looking down at your feet!
Have you noticed this fad?
I see in facebook and Instagram as well as Twitter
As people take pics looking down
And I thought well, Hey why not do a challenge like that!
So here we are!
be creative
 New boots, new shoes, standing in a puddle, standing in snow
Take us with you 
Maybe you are lucky this time of year and live in a warm climate and go to the beach.
Also please be respectful and do not use our blog for advertising and please keep with the theme. 

Direction are on the right sidebar~~~~~~>

This is going to be fun!!
#hashtag to #inspirationavenue


Monday, December 2, 2013

Mandala Challenge ~ December 2

 The challenge theme this week is 

While looking at information about mandalas, I discovered how 
complex and varied their meanings and purpose can be.
Here is a simple description I liked:

I love this mandala done with oil paint and loose brush strokes

. . . as well as this more complex one with zentangle designs added.

These beautiful ceremonial Buddhist sand mandalas are destroyed
after the ceremony is over to signify that beauty is fleeting
and all material life is transitory. [source]

This was created from a photo of a Tiffany lamp.

Another simple yet beautiful watercolor.

Your challenge is to create a mandala in some form.

In this busy season, creating a mandala can bring us some
relaxation and respite from all the holiday chaos!

Because you're busy, below are some 
free mandala designs
to start from. Could be as simple as coloring the designs,
or you could make them more complex by adding some 
doodling or changing the designs.

Or create your own mandala, anything goes!
The aim is to have fun!

Please visit the websites shown under 
the free mandalas to support their generosity! 

Also, there is a link under each of the colorful mandalas
(they are for sale in each artist's shop)

I hope you can find time this week to join the mandala challenge.
I can't wait to see your creations!

~ Maggie


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